Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Really Grandma?

Grandma: "Jamie, you shouldn't eat too many startbursts" (mind you I only had 2 in my hand)
Me: " why grandma? do you think I'm getting fat?" (sarcastically of course)
Grandma: *eyes going back and forth a little uneasy* "well, yeah"
Me: laugh and say, "isn't that what's supposed to happen when your 5 1/2 months pregnant?
Grandma: "yeah, but it is one thing having a baby, it's another having a monstrous baby"
Me: Laughing reaching for a starburst...
Oh my crazy grandma....good times...good times. Why can't we have more moments like this? However; I am feeling a little more self-conscious than I probably should considering she has Alzheimer's and probably doesn't fully understand what's going on or why....but still it's a sensitive topic when all you wear are pants with big stretchy bands and baggy shirts!