Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beach anyone?

Since we have been here we have made several trips to the beach with Ben and Sheri. Matt and Ben usually boogie board and Jaxon, Sheri and I sit on the beach and play...or at least Jaxon does while we sit and try to keep him near by, but he seems to love it! But what little kid wouldn't love a huge sandbox, rocks, random pools of water, big balls of icky seaweed, and no walls to hold you back?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Any Suggestions?...

So..I have decided that I need some sort of project to do...I know..I know...ever since I had Jaxon I have been projected out and would much rather just buy it that make it and still kind of would, but I am needing some sort of project for me..something to work on or do...I don't know. Just something that will make me think "I am glad I did that" and it has to be something that is NOT kid related...and I have NO good ideas at all! My mind is blank! hmm... Maybe I just need a good book to read...who knows. So I am hoping that you all might have some good ideas for me!

Friday, February 13, 2009

"There is beauty all around.....when you're fast asleep.."

Last friday Matt and I made the long drive up to Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton's near Sacramento, CA. We were supposed to be heading home on tuesday; however, Matt had to make a quick trip to SLC for work on tuesday so Jaxon and I hung-out with the fam all week while we waited for dad to get back! So now we are heading home on Sunday! It has been really fun and a LOT of crazy to be here all week long expecially without Matt for part of it (I think that is why I was feeling a little chaotic at times)...I think I need a nap just as bad as Jaxon needs one! We have had 6 grandbabies, ALL sick, 1 trip to the emergency room (not jaxon), no naps, and late nights, but all totally worth it! On top of all that we have had a blast just hanging around the house amongst other random and exciting things... We love our Grandma's! They found grandma's big bathtub and treadmill and they soon became the biggest hit in the house! They could spend hours in that thing.
Ok...just a little this picture was taken one of the days that Matt was gone and Jaxon was needing his mom a LOT..and he thought that once I put him in his seat and got in the back that I had left him..defintly not the case; however, this is the perfect example of how the days were at times...especially when we had no nap :)

This is Mark's Office where we were able to go and have lunch with some of the this point all of the kiddies were not wanting to cooperate, but I still love the picture. Nothing like capturing the moment.

So..This was awesome! Mark and JoAnn know the owner of this huge bowling alley and they hooked us up with our own privte bowling lanes that was in its own room with a pool table, couches, black lights, name it...the works..Jaxon had a blast and just grooved all night long..right here he is just taking a break to eat some pizza, and check out the scenery.

We have LOVED being here with all of the family. It is so good to spend time with the people you love; however, I definitly have grown an appreciation for Matt and nap time!