Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Really Grandma?

Grandma: "Jamie, you shouldn't eat too many startbursts" (mind you I only had 2 in my hand)
Me: " why grandma? do you think I'm getting fat?" (sarcastically of course)
Grandma: *eyes going back and forth a little uneasy* "well, yeah"
Me: laugh and say, "isn't that what's supposed to happen when your 5 1/2 months pregnant?
Grandma: "yeah, but it is one thing having a baby, it's another having a monstrous baby"
Me: Laughing reaching for a starburst...
Oh my crazy grandma....good times...good times. Why can't we have more moments like this? However; I am feeling a little more self-conscious than I probably should considering she has Alzheimer's and probably doesn't fully understand what's going on or why....but still it's a sensitive topic when all you wear are pants with big stretchy bands and baggy shirts!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Fall!

Since I obviously seem to be an undedicated blogger I've decided to somewhat update my blog! But first of all, happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! We all went up to Gunlock again for the 13th year in a row (I think). I think for sure it is my favorite holiday....all the family together just hanging out....there is nothing like pumpkin pie..mmm Anyway, here are some pictures! Cutie Pie
All the women behind all the madness!
Workin' in the yard...his favorite!
and the two cute terrors together again! I don't think we saw either of them for more than maybe an hour a day...to change a diaper and to make sure they had some food other than candy corn!


For those of you that don't already know! We are pregnant and having a little GIRL! I am 21 weeks and feeling good and looking big!...bring it on!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beware: Random Post

well, I just spent an 1 1/2 hours doing this exact post, which just barely got deleted somehow by this wonderful program...Grrr. Needless to say, this second REpost is going to be short and sweet.

So, as some of you know a me and a friend of mine started on an exciting venture of designing and creating dresses-SO FUN! However, our lives took over and to be honest, we haven't thought about it since until now. Shabby Apple is doing a very cool thing called "Dare to Design" where anyone can post their designs for their up and coming spring line, so we thought, "why not?"...so here we are giving it a shot, what do we have to lose right? The judges at Shabby Apple choose 15 of their top designs and post them on their BLOG by November 10th and the blog readers then vote on their favorites and whatever dress gets the most votes wins and their dress becomes part of Shabby Apples spring line...super exciting, so wish us luck!
Our inspiration came about by us talking one evening about how we can NEVER find apropriate dresses for functions that we had. ie, black tie events, awards banquets, cruise line dinners, etc. There were always plenty of dresses that you could wear to church and to a wedding but there never seemed anything more formal than that, that had the necessary length and coverage that us girls needed. We were done with cardigans, crop jackets, and skirt/top ensebles...we just wanted a nice dress that was nicer than the average church get up and not as formal as a gown....is it too much to ask? so, we decided to think of some on our own. All the design don't necessarily "look" more formal, but they are in a sense of the construction, being more fitted with darts, and a use of higher end fabrics...not knits or cottons. So please be nice and I hope you enjoy. Here are 3 dress designs for Shabby Apple dresses .
Color: Deep plum or a fushia'ish color...I love jewel tones, I don't know what it is, but I love them!
Fabric: The band around the neckline, bustline, and hemline, as well as the inner-layer of the bust and skirt is a silk charmeuse. The outer-layer of the bust and skirt is a silk chiffon

Color: Navy..It is the only color I have ever seen this dress in and I think that it is a classic color for all seasons.
Fabric: Silk taffeta. It needs to be a stiffer fabric because of the standing collar and the inverted box pleats to keep its shape. The lining would probably be just a plain lining fabric, of a poly blend; however, if it really was made in silk taffeta you would need to have a lining of the same caliber...you can't mix polyester with 100% silk in my mind.

Color: Bust would be a cream with a black lace overlay, band and tie would be cream. Skirt would be cream with a black accordian pleating on top.
Fabric: The top would be out of a stiffer silk satin with some sort of lace to go on top, the band, tie, and inner-layer of the skirt would be a silk charmeuse. The black accordian pleating would be a silk chiffon or georgette.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Utah trip. Part 2

For the second half of the week we stayed with Matt's sister Christina! It was so much fun to be at their home and Jaxon loved playing with all Gracies cool toys! So I know you are all thinking that I am an amazing photographer and everything, but I am going to break it to you...I didn't take these pictures :) One of Jordans good friends has a brother that is a photgrapher. His name is Peter Loosli (loved him) and is website is: www.looslietaken.com. He was borrowing the BYU photography dep. camera from his brother who invited Gracie and Jaxon to tag along before they got their family pictures taken(I hope that made sense) but super cool huh? We almost didn't go..it was early in the morning and had rained the night before and jaxon was still asleep, but it was so much for the two of them and we loved watching them pose and play together. I am so glad we went! These are the only 2 pictures that I have seen so far. (these are from his blog-I hope this is ok). He did such a good job and the kids loved him, so if you need someone to do family photos in Utah check him out!

I just love this kid to death! Can you really get any more adorable? (I know...I am biased)
For the second week I drove down to Vegas to hang with my family while Matt finished work up in SL. However, I don't have any of those pictures :(...so sad

Utah trip

Matt & I are finally home! -not that many of you knew we even left or anything, because I am an extremely bad blogger- But never the less, we all went up to salt Lake for a little under 2 weeks so that matt could work; as well as spend time with our missed friends and families!
We had an absolute blast! The Brandts were amazing for letting us bunk at their home for the first part of the week (thank you again), which is always fun! We were able to meet up for dinner one night with some more good friends and last but not least, these pictures are of when the sweet Dearths took us out on their boat!...AHH..the lake...we finally meet again! I can't tell you how much I have missed going out on the lake!! We are so lucky to have such kind and generous friends! Thank you all!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A workin' little man

This past weekend Jaxon and I decided to catch a ride to Gunlock with my aunt and uncle! I thought Jaxon would enjoy a yard to run around in for once. It was a blast! Jaxon LOVED it! Everyday he would tromp out to the chicken coop with grandpa, "ampu" as jaxon would say and they would work...digging, stirring their water, getting the eggs, and sweet talking the chickens :). He loved throwing rocks in the river and eventually he would head back to the house..disgustingly dirty beacuse no shoes or clothes (some days) weren't going to help the situation!

This is Jaxon in the goat pen/house thing...he loved it! All I got when I tried to get him out was "no, no, no"...sadly he knows that word! We all took a ride in the back of the mower...actually quite fun but random. I had to snap the picture and then jump in!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guess who turned....

...Gotta love the beach! Happy birthday Matt!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Back!

We have been missing 3 weeks out of the last 4 1/2 or so! This last trip was to Lake Las Vegas for a t!rip Matt won while doing life insurance. We pretty much chilled at the pool during the day and took advantage of the pool side menu. While at night, they wined and dined us. Jaxon, needless to say...loved it!

After the trip I headed to my parents again because Matt had to fly out of town again. We went on the lake, had birthday parties and enjoyed being with the fam.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter...a little belated

The monday before easter Jaxon and I went to vegas to hang-out with the Grandma and Grandpa Hardy! Jaxon stayed busy with all the toys, the sanbox, and the big Jacuzzi with grandpa! It was fun to be back home and spend time with my parents. It has been a long time since I have just been there and "hung out" with them, even though it seemed like we never stopped to sit down! So much to do, and so little time! I also got to spend some time with a really good high school friend of mine, which is always fun!..oh the memories!!
Matt flew out late thursday to be with the fam over Easter! My brother Scott, his wife Diana, and their 2 kids were able to come be with us on Saturday and Sunday and what craziness those boys get in to! Jaxon and Ben are THE 2 roughest kids when they get together and they absolutley LOVE it! They just laugh and laugh and laugh. We just love our cousins!

Flying the kite with grandma & grandpa! It was a lot of fun! It has been a long time since I have done something like that!

Decorating our beautiful eggs! Jaxon had to leave soon after this picture was taken b/c he kept trying to drink the egg dye (he loves his cups).

Happy Hunting! Actually, he just ate them on the way...so he didn't get very many eggs-Ben got most of them; however, once he saw bens basket he just tackled it and him to get the eggs he wanted...pretty funny actually....And the sandbox. Need I say more?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beach anyone?

Since we have been here we have made several trips to the beach with Ben and Sheri. Matt and Ben usually boogie board and Jaxon, Sheri and I sit on the beach and play...or at least Jaxon does while we sit and try to keep him near by, but he seems to love it! But what little kid wouldn't love a huge sandbox, rocks, random pools of water, big balls of icky seaweed, and no walls to hold you back?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Any Suggestions?...

So..I have decided that I need some sort of project to do...I know..I know...ever since I had Jaxon I have been projected out and would much rather just buy it that make it and still kind of would, but I am needing some sort of project for me..something to work on or do...I don't know. Just something that will make me think "I am glad I did that" and it has to be something that is NOT kid related...and I have NO good ideas at all! My mind is blank! hmm... Maybe I just need a good book to read...who knows. So I am hoping that you all might have some good ideas for me!

Friday, February 13, 2009

"There is beauty all around.....when you're fast asleep.."

Last friday Matt and I made the long drive up to Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton's near Sacramento, CA. We were supposed to be heading home on tuesday; however, Matt had to make a quick trip to SLC for work on tuesday so Jaxon and I hung-out with the fam all week while we waited for dad to get back! So now we are heading home on Sunday! It has been really fun and a LOT of crazy to be here all week long expecially without Matt for part of it (I think that is why I was feeling a little chaotic at times)...I think I need a nap just as bad as Jaxon needs one! We have had 6 grandbabies, ALL sick, 1 trip to the emergency room (not jaxon), no naps, and late nights, but all totally worth it! On top of all that we have had a blast just hanging around the house amongst other random and exciting things... We love our Grandma's! They found grandma's big bathtub and treadmill and they soon became the biggest hit in the house! They could spend hours in that thing.
Ok...just a little explanation....so this picture was taken one of the days that Matt was gone and Jaxon was needing his mom a LOT..and he thought that once I put him in his seat and got in the back that I had left him..defintly not the case; however, this is the perfect example of how the days were at times...especially when we had no nap :)

This is Mark's Office where we were able to go and have lunch with some of the missionaries..by this point all of the kiddies were not wanting to cooperate, but I still love the picture. Nothing like capturing the moment.

So..This was awesome! Mark and JoAnn know the owner of this huge bowling alley and they hooked us up with our own privte bowling lanes that was in its own room with a pool table, couches, black lights, music...you name it...the works..Jaxon had a blast and just grooved all night long..right here he is just taking a break to eat some pizza, and check out the scenery.

We have LOVED being here with all of the family. It is so good to spend time with the people you love; however, I definitly have grown an appreciation for Matt and nap time!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I have been waiting to get a new charger cord for our camera so I can update with some pictures of the move, the place, and some of our little adventures here; however, we aren't quite that on top of things! I would much rather just post some pictures because I am a strong believer in "a picture speaks a thousand words" and... because I am not a very exciting and detailed writer...just ask all of my english teachers and some family members! :)

So far, we have loved every aspect of California! The weather has been unbelieveable! Today it was beautiful and 8o degrees! I can't hardly believe it! Jaxon and I have been on walks every day, gone to the parks, we have ventured to the pool, last week we went to the beach and Matt went boogie boarding (freezing) and we have hit up Disney a few times as well! It has been a few weeks of simply taking advantage of the sun and warmth.

Jaxon is still the crazy, wild, loving little terror that he is! He is very much into giving kisses and hugs, but on the other hand he is also learning to hit and kick and say.."Noo" which sometimes makes me want to scream..but this is the life of a 1 1/2 year old I am guessing. He is a little jumper and has made many different friends at the parks and has scared away a few I think, but he has loved every minute of being here.

We wish we could have everyone move here and be with us! We miss all of our friends that we have grown to love over the past few years when we lived in Utah. However, we are grateful for the opportunity to be here in CA and for all of the blessings that the Lord has given us. Hopefullay next time I can post some pictures!

Friday, January 2, 2009

We Made It....Finally

We have finally made it here to the sun of California. After a crazy week of Christmas and packing we headed off for our first stop...Las Vegas; however, our luck would have that the back rotars of the truck went out in St. George which meant that we had to unpack our truck and repack everything into a different one!...Needless to say, it was a very bad day day for me! But we finally made it and here we are and so far, so good. Just thought I would give somewhat of an update.