Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Fall!

Since I obviously seem to be an undedicated blogger I've decided to somewhat update my blog! But first of all, happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! We all went up to Gunlock again for the 13th year in a row (I think). I think for sure it is my favorite holiday....all the family together just hanging out....there is nothing like pumpkin pie..mmm Anyway, here are some pictures! Cutie Pie
All the women behind all the madness!
Workin' in the yard...his favorite!
and the two cute terrors together again! I don't think we saw either of them for more than maybe an hour a change a diaper and to make sure they had some food other than candy corn!


For those of you that don't already know! We are pregnant and having a little GIRL! I am 21 weeks and feeling good and looking big!...bring it on!


Justin + kelly

Congratulations!! That is so exciting!


Congrats, we had no idea!! That will be so much fun, you will love having a girl! I love you family pic, you look beautiful as always!

Auna Leigh

Ahhhh! How amazing! Congrats! You make some pretty cute kids, can't wait to see this one! Can I get your address. thanks!

Maren and Rikky

Congrats on having a girl! (even though I know you were kind of rooting for another boy) Now you at least will have one of each for sure. Good Luck with the pregnancy.

Ana Lee

Congratulations James!! I'm so excited for you!! I would love to talk to you one of these days and catch up on everything. Do you still have the same number? If so, call me! Or I'll call you? :)

Allison Tiek

Sorry I'm so slow but congrats on the girl! I'm so excited that we'll be having girls so close! Be sure to let us know when you're around.

Maren and Rikky

fyi -I went private in case you want an invite.

Daniel, Kathryn, Lincoln and McKay

I am so glad you are having a girl! We are so excited to see you in a couple weeks!