Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Little House

Hey guys. Some of you have had the privilege of visiting our little home. For those of you who haven't here are a couple pictures for your enjoyment. My favorite part is the little fire pit we put in to roast hot doggs and smores. Anytime you want some come on over!

A few pictures for old time's sake

Last year's trip to Maui

Well I might as well catch you guys up on our lives. So here are a few pictures from Maui last August.

Pics of Graduation

I finally figured out how to post pictures! I are smart.

Jamie's Graduatin from BYU!!!

Hey everybody,
Well Jamie is officially done with school. Graduation was cool because Jamie, my bro D-Love and his wife all graduated. We have been out of town since and are juststarting to get back into the swing of things. For all the fellas, I went golfing at Sunbrook in St. George on Tuesday and I got an eagle! It was the best shot of my life and drove the green on a par 4 and then sank the putt. Yeah then the next hole I 3 putted! Anyway, good times. Later!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What's up everybody!

Life has been crazy lately. Last week was Jamie's 22nd birthday. I got her some rockin maternity cloths and a bunch of balloons. We're having a boy and the due date is Aug 6th. Stoked about it. We like the name Jaxon and he's kicking Jamie like crazy lately. She's getting a big ol belly. Then 2 days later she graduated from BYU (my bro and his wife graduated too). Then my sister had a baby and my other sister announced that she was pregnant. So that will make 4 grandkids within a year and a half. Anywho, it's about golfing weather but we'll have to hold off on that for a couple weeks. Jamie and I are going to Lake Havasue(or however you spell it) in AZ for the weekend and then to Las Vegas for a while. As for me, I just love taking care of my yard. The grass is getting super green and I love it! Work is crazy. Stressful but fun. I love business and finance. We're working on some fun projects. So that's it for now so PEACE OUT!