Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Love

I absolutly love being a mom! So many pictures are taken just of our little guy, or him with Matt, but not very many are with me and the other day I saw this picture and I love it! It just reminds me of how awesome it is having this little guy run my life. I really feel so blessed to be a mom and am so grateful for the opportunity Matt and I have to have him in our home.

Friday, May 16, 2008


So today I was on-line looking at everyone elses blog, enjoying everyone's little outings and adventures and thought to myself, which I have done many times in the last few weeks, "I should update my blog, instead of always just looking at everyone elses". So this is what I am doing....I am actually following through on this!!

Well what is new in our little family? Last week was crazy with Matt's little sister leaving on her mission! She went into the MTC on wednesday and seems to be loving it! Jaxon has started to sit up all by himself! Hooray...no more picking him off the ground every 10 seconds! This past week he has started to semi-crawl and kind of stand himself up! It seems like he has turned into a little toddler in the last couple of weeks...he doesn't seem like my little "baby" anymore...He is getting so big!

As for Me and Matt, we are seeming to keep ourselves busy with work and everything else you can think of. I feel kinda MIA as far as the social life goes around here, but that is my fault at being so preoccupied with other things...But all in all, the Pendleton's are doing great!