Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Love

I absolutly love being a mom! So many pictures are taken just of our little guy, or him with Matt, but not very many are with me and the other day I saw this picture and I love it! It just reminds me of how awesome it is having this little guy run my life. I really feel so blessed to be a mom and am so grateful for the opportunity Matt and I have to have him in our home.


Dave and Shelby

You guys are so cute. We need to get together again. We had so much fun with you guys and I need to hold that baby again. I am not kidding you is is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I have not been on the blog in so long so I thought that I would come say hi. Hope to see you soon.

Jason and Melanie

This picture is SO cute! You are such a fun mom :)


Thats funny cause I look back at pictures and think we have 5 with Ava and ME! Not that I needpics of me, just nice to show her I was actually around!!! Cute picture!!

Ana Lee

I love this picture too! Man I miss you. One day when I'm married we'll be fun married couple friends! hahaha. I love your blog, I'm so glad you write it.


Hey Jamie-
Maybe it is a mom thing. I don't have very many pictures with me and my kids. Tons with Jon, none with me.
I am glad you caught that moment, you both look radiant. Radiant. (I have been watching Charlotte's Web too much lately)


Jam you are the cuttest Mom. I am so happy for you and Matt. Love Jaxs.

Liz Laudie

I know how it goes. My kids will someday look back at all the growing up pictures and wonder if Mom was there. I just hope they have good memories!

Liz Laudie

Oh, by the way, I put the link to your blog on my recently constructed blog site. Hope you don't mind.

Liz Laudie

Oh, by the way, I put the link to your blog on my recently constructed blog site. Hope you don't mind.


This picture is amazing, you both look..happy and blissful! You are one of my "mom rolemodels" in life because of the way you embrassed motherhood and made such an easy transition. You make it look easy and I need to spend more time with you guys! Love you,

Ana Lee

James...I am going to comment AGAIN to remind you to update your blog more often! haha. I want to know what is going on with you! I should probably just call you, but life is so crazy right now. I hope things are going really well and that you write again soon! :)

Ana Lee


So fun!! You guys look so happy! Can't wait to join you!


I have got your messages..sorry I've been out of town and I left my phone on the ship, I have a loaner phone but I don't know who is calling or leaving me messages..it's crazy!! Anyway, things are going great and I maybe one of these days I will see ya. I'll be gone next week. Love this picture of you guys!! You are a super cute mom!


Your family is just so adorable =)