Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What's up everybody!

Life has been crazy lately. Last week was Jamie's 22nd birthday. I got her some rockin maternity cloths and a bunch of balloons. We're having a boy and the due date is Aug 6th. Stoked about it. We like the name Jaxon and he's kicking Jamie like crazy lately. She's getting a big ol belly. Then 2 days later she graduated from BYU (my bro and his wife graduated too). Then my sister had a baby and my other sister announced that she was pregnant. So that will make 4 grandkids within a year and a half. Anywho, it's about golfing weather but we'll have to hold off on that for a couple weeks. Jamie and I are going to Lake Havasue(or however you spell it) in AZ for the weekend and then to Las Vegas for a while. As for me, I just love taking care of my yard. The grass is getting super green and I love it! Work is crazy. Stressful but fun. I love business and finance. We're working on some fun projects. So that's it for now so PEACE OUT!


Clint, Natalie, and Lucas

Hey! Your post just answered all of my questions in the email! :) Sounds like you're doing well!

Rick and Janae

way to jump into the blogoshphere! Congrats Jamie and Dan for the graduation. When are you guys going to be in Vegas?


Hey! I am glad to see you set up a blog!!! cant wait to see your pics.


I don't know how this works, I can't wait to have grass! Lucky dog. Just watched the video where you knocked yourself out skiing. "Dude, I think I've come to." You got some big air on that!