Monday, August 3, 2009

Utah trip. Part 2

For the second half of the week we stayed with Matt's sister Christina! It was so much fun to be at their home and Jaxon loved playing with all Gracies cool toys! So I know you are all thinking that I am an amazing photographer and everything, but I am going to break it to you...I didn't take these pictures :) One of Jordans good friends has a brother that is a photgrapher. His name is Peter Loosli (loved him) and is website is: He was borrowing the BYU photography dep. camera from his brother who invited Gracie and Jaxon to tag along before they got their family pictures taken(I hope that made sense) but super cool huh? We almost didn't was early in the morning and had rained the night before and jaxon was still asleep, but it was so much for the two of them and we loved watching them pose and play together. I am so glad we went! These are the only 2 pictures that I have seen so far. (these are from his blog-I hope this is ok). He did such a good job and the kids loved him, so if you need someone to do family photos in Utah check him out!

I just love this kid to death! Can you really get any more adorable? (I know...I am biased)
For the second week I drove down to Vegas to hang with my family while Matt finished work up in SL. However, I don't have any of those pictures :( sad



those are great pics. About time you blogged. I love the lake pics too.


Jaxon looks so handsome! We were glad you came and stayed with us for awhile.


Wow. Jaxon is getting to be quite a handsome little man! It's amazing how fast they grow.

I have a blog now! And am 14 weeks pregnant too! :)

Maren and Rikky

Your boy is so cute!

The Hansens

You're so talented Jamie! All three of those dresses are so cute! You should start your own line so I can buy some of your dresses :). Hope you guys are enjoying Cali!