Friday, January 2, 2009

We Made It....Finally

We have finally made it here to the sun of California. After a crazy week of Christmas and packing we headed off for our first stop...Las Vegas; however, our luck would have that the back rotars of the truck went out in St. George which meant that we had to unpack our truck and repack everything into a different one!...Needless to say, it was a very bad day day for me! But we finally made it and here we are and so far, so good. Just thought I would give somewhat of an update.


Auna Leigh

We're so glad you made it! We totally understand the whole packing and repacking bit. Ask Craig. It sucked. A four hour drive turned into a ten hour drive. Just remember where you are at and smile!!!

Ana Lee

I'm glad you make it safe!


Ooh noooo nooo nooo! That is horrible. Does the trucking company have to compensate you in any way? You now something like eleventy billlllion dollars for your pain and suffering? I am glad that you are there safe and sound.

I have to say...there is a sad little corner here in country run now that the pendleton's are gone. We miss you!

Dave and Shelby

We just might come nocking on your door soon:) I would love to move to Cali. How is it going? We missed you guys on sunday. It is just not the same. I actually sat right next to the girl that moved into your house. I can't remember her name.... Anyways so happy to see you made it and we have never felt so bad about not being able to help you move out. Dave felt so bad for days after. He mentioned how nice you guys were to him while I was in the hospital. Thanks for being so sweet....
XOXO Shelby


Just read about the U-haul. So sorry you had such a bad time. Guess it is only up from here!. Hope the painting went well. Look forward to seeing pictures.

Tate Family

I miss you!!! Been thinking about you....
We weren't around during the Christmas Break to help...some friends we are...SORRY!!!

How's the house? Met any neighbors yet??