Friday, December 19, 2008

Rock the Nog Baby!

Every Christmas we have some good friends that throw an "eggnog and turtleneck" party; however, they switched it up this year with "rock the nog-80's"-soo much fun! I can't beleive some of the outfits that were there...they were fabulous!! Anyway, we had pizza, white elephant gifts, 80's trivia game where we won some sweet glasses, Top Gun, Uno, and a slap bracelet! yeah baby! We are going to miss this pary every year! Thank you guys so much for the fun times and great parties..We will miss you!

This shirt was a great DI find...way too funny to pass up!

Saving the best for last! Everyone there loved my high waisted, way too tapered, purple I couldn't resist putting this picture up...I hope you all get a good laugh!! (I hope my butt really isn't this big)