Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Any Suggestions?...

So..I have decided that I need some sort of project to do...I know..I know...ever since I had Jaxon I have been projected out and would much rather just buy it that make it and still kind of would, but I am needing some sort of project for me..something to work on or do...I don't know. Just something that will make me think "I am glad I did that" and it has to be something that is NOT kid related...and I have NO good ideas at all! My mind is blank! hmm... Maybe I just need a good book to read...who knows. So I am hoping that you all might have some good ideas for me!



Hey Jamie,
I had a thought. Recently I read a great book for our book club in relief society. A Heart Like his by Virginia H.Pierce (president Hinckley's daughter)it is an experiment that you do as you read. I just got it from the local library but it is probably at any church book store as well. Hope that helps. I know how you feel sometimes I need to do things just for me. It kind of drives Tyson crazy because I have all these ideas. Enjoy!


Ummm, I have a project for you! Do you want to sew me some curtins for my room to go with the amazing duvet cover you created for me?! I would run to California to kiss you if you decided to! ;) If not, then you could try the whole couponing craze thats been going on! It takes a lot of planning and work but you can buy a whole cart full of food for like $3.26! P.S. I still miss you and I'm wondering when you guys are going to come back! XOXO

It's Miller Time

I need one too. We never made our memory game. you could do that. Or you could just take a nap like I really want to. You could type all my recipes for me. Just kidding! Oh... I never showed you how to do the book. I could explain it to you over the phone. That would take you a while. I know you would really love it. What else...move back! That would be a big project! But, I like that one the best! Hang in there! Love ya!

Diana and Scott

I've always wanted to take some kind of gourmet cooking or desert-making class. I think that would be fun. Maybe at a local community college or something like that.

We love you!!!

Andrea and Justin

Come to Hawaii. Ok I'll stop bugging you about for at least a couple more days! Just kidding. We just miss you guys!

Ana Lee

Make custom picture frames! Or make a pretty mirror. Mirrors are always a great decoration. Or make a professional looking recipe book. Or a customized calender with the special dates for you and your families printed on it and pictures. I don't know my projects involve planning trips haha.