Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beach anyone?

Since we have been here we have made several trips to the beach with Ben and Sheri. Matt and Ben usually boogie board and Jaxon, Sheri and I sit on the beach and play...or at least Jaxon does while we sit and try to keep him near by, but he seems to love it! But what little kid wouldn't love a huge sandbox, rocks, random pools of water, big balls of icky seaweed, and no walls to hold you back?


Auna Leigh
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Auna Leigh

Dude! I love boogie Boarding! If you ever need tips let me know! Don't let all the boys have the fun, get out there Jams and give er' a run. YOu'll love it! It's super exciting. The thrill of the wave thowing you head over heals, smashing you under the water, gulping down gallons of salty water, emptying sand out everwhere for the next two weeks... Oh what I'd give for a day at the beach!!!

Ana Lee


The Hansens

Jaxon is getting so big! What a cutie! I can totally see you and Matt as California beach kinda people. I bet you're loving it!

Maren and Rikky

Those are such cute pictures. How fun that you guys get to go to the beach!