Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting Baby Ready!

Hey everybody. Here is the latest in us getting baby ready. We officially have our crib and stroller. Jamie made the bumper set, sheets, dust ruffle and blanket. Next is the valance for the window. Jamie wants me to build some fancy contraption to hang the valance on. Jamie is doing a bunch of cool stuff. She started a company called Sweet Dream Designs. She makes custom baby bedding and accessories. She also got a job a JoAnn's Fabric store teaching sewing classes to kids. Lately she has been teaching a bunch of 11 year old girls how to make a quilt. We are also the proud owners of a new stroller. It's really cool. The United States just got this brand over here. It has been in Europe for 4 years. The infant car seat that goes with it still hasn't arrived in the US yet and they expect to get them here in August. Anyway, it has hydraulics and cool manly stuff so I like it.


Clint, Natalie, and Lucas

Your crib looks beautiful! Good work, Jamie! That's so funny...when I talked to you I thought you said you were teaching swimming lessons. Sewing makes much more sense! :)

Fancy schmancy stroller!! Definitely sounds manly. :)


Cool, your ready for the little one. Jamie, your work is impressive. You are definitly keeping busy. I still want a better big belly picture posted. That one doesint cut it.


I was pretty sure you didn't update this thing anymore. Great posts. Oh, and what the heck is a "dust ruffle" and why do you know what that is.


Hey guys that is so fun, things are coming together for the little guy~ anyday , and you will start the most fun of your life! Miss ya~