Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

This easter was really nice and relaxing. I always love easter and the true meaning behind it, to reflect on the resurection of Christ and to know that we will all live again. After church ended we headed to Matt's parents' house for a big dinner and an easter egg hunt! I think there were about 20 people there and Cami's boyfriend came!!...she says she is still going on a mission, but we'll see j/k cam..we love you! After dinner we headed outside for the easter egg hunt and Jaxon only got about 6 eggs, but that was plenty since he isn't the one eating all of the candy anyway. He is so funny I would hold him over the egg and he would reach down and pick it up and go straight for the mouth!! He was pretty intrigued by those colorful things! He was our little easter bunny!!
These pictures were taken at the park...a couple of people in our neighborhood got together and had a little easter egg hunt with all the kids a few days before Easter.

Matt thinks this picture of him looks like the gingerbread man off of shrek..."not my buttons!"


The Greenwood's

what a cute little guy! He is getting so big. I love the bunny ears!


okay that has to bee the cutiest pictures ever, I love his face in the last one! OH SO SAD... He is getting so big. And happy late easter to all of you!

Jason and Melanie

His pictures always make me melt, I can't get over those bunny ears either! You are such a cute mom. I got in touch with Vibeke through facebook. Her email address is vibeke_pedersen@hotmail.com. That might be the same as what you have now.


That is sooo funny! Cute


Oh my is that the cutest face ever? What an amazing little bunny!! I bet you had so much fun:) Love IT!!!


Jamie! I am dying. That is the cutest dang face EVER! Matt is right...once I read the gingerbread man part I could totally see it! Jaxon takes the cake! Love Ya!!


LOL! He totally looks like the gingerbread man! Kayla and i found your site. Thanks so much for taking her under your wing. She loves being in young womens with you! THANKS!!

The Gardner Family

I am going to go private with my blog and I want you to come with me. Will you send me your e-mail address to Ashlee2224@yahoo.com