Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Swimmer

This past week me and Jaxon headed down to St. George with our cousin Gracie and Aunt Christina for some warmer weather and a tan! It was sooo wonderful and definitly needed!

I Love this picture! All Jaxon needs is a pitchfork.


Mouse e Teclado

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This is the best picture ever! I love it.


haha - he's so CUTE! Hope you all are doing well.

Diana & Scott

I love those fat rolls. He is a handsome little ham. Little Gracie is so cute, too. We miss you guys

Clint, Natalie, and Lucas

Fun! Jaxon is just so cute! Especially in a bathing suit! Clint said you guys are coming down soon? Hopefully we'll be able to see you!


Love this picture... I think Jaxson might need a braazer!! Just kiding... I love his little rolls... what a cutie!


that is such a cute picture, I love all his rolls, what a cute little kid he is!!

The Gardner Family

Jam this picture is priceless. I am loving it.


Oh My..that is the best!! That should be on the front of something..I would buy it for sure!

The Christensen Family

Jamie -- Had no idea you had a blog! So fun! Jaxon is getting so big and he just couldn't be any cuter. I need to cuddle him and kiss those cheeks! Book club got postponed until next month -- hope you got the message! :) Can't wait to catch up then... Loves! Steph


Hey! So I finally got a blog so now I feel like I'm allowed to make comments on other peoples blogs! I felt like such an intruder before, like I was spying on other people or something! I just wanted to let you know that you have the most chubb-a-lisciou baby I've ever seen and I want to cuddle him as we speak!