Sunday, October 28, 2007


So every year, well the last two anyway, some neighbors and friends have gotten together to go down to cornbellys at Thanksgiving point, which has a bunch of games and activities for kids, a haunted corn maze, a not so haunted one, a hayride, and a haunted lizard thing etc. So....last night that is where we were. Jaxon's first experience with gouls and goblins! Actually, we did take him through the haunted lizard and maze and suprizingly he just slept through it all, which was great! It was absolutly freezing!!! but I had Jaxon strapped to the front of me the whole time with made it a whole lot warmer for me. (the wrap is quite the contraption, but I love it). On a different note, I actually ran into one of my good friends from the beginning of freshman year (before matt took all my time) which was fun, but at the same time akward because I had a baby and I hadn't seen him since before his mission....anyway...kinda random, but whatever.....and so the picture with all the guys in the cornfield....ya, they totally got reamed out for being in there and the guy was upset because he thought they were stomping on it and that it would be ruined blah blah blah...However; just for the record none of it was stepped on and it was already flat from previous rompers. Needless to say, we had a fun time and afterwards we all met up and had some homemade carmel apple cider..YUMMY!! I never thought I would say this in my entire life, but October is by far my favorite month! The crisp cool weather, colorful leaves, and the soo fun halloween season!