Sunday, December 9, 2007

Metro Man

Yesterday Matt and I went up to Jordan and Christina's house (matt's sister) to hang out and play an intense card game that Christina and I have no luck at winning, but that's besides the point...while we were there, Jaxon had a major blow-out so, of course we had our back up outfit that he changed into, but no joke, about 30 minutes later he had another wonderful suprize for us! and unfortunatly we didn't have another backup, so thanks to cousin Gracie we had a cute little pink designer onesie from Calivin Klein that fit him perfectly. For the night he was the girl I never had, and just for the record, pink is not his color at all :)
* This picture I just thought was super cute and thought I would put it on!



Hey Jamie,
I love the pink!! Anytime you want to borrow one I have plenty! JK! He is so cute and getting so big!! Now that we both have callings I feel like we never see each other! We need to hang out soon!!!
Miss you! Sara

Diana Hardy

He is so cute he can pull off anything. Love the pictures.