Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Time!

Has it seriously almost been a month since we have posted?! I am sorry to everyone in the blogging world that keeps updated on these things! Don't give up on us...we are still alive! On the not so exciting side, nothing too new has been going on. Just the same ol' routine of trying to keep Jaxon under control! He is one crazy little boy, but aren't all little boys crazy?
However; on the very exciting side of things he has officially started walking! It still isn't his full on mode of transportation (still a little tipsy), but I would give it another week or so. We are such proud parents! Here are a few pictures of some of our happenings in the last month...
A week or so ago, on the way home from the lake we stopped by tasty El Pollo Loco for some dinner and Jaxon had a um...incident and we had no backup plan, so we improvised....poor kid!
A week ago all of matt's brothers and sisters came over with their cute little kiddies to go swimmin' in the pool! It is so funny to see them all together playing, fighting, and whatever else they decide to do at the moment!


Jason and Melanie

The substitute diaper is hilarious! That's exciting he's starting to walk, Jax and his cousins are so cute together too!


Congrats to Jaxon!


Wow that is so exciting. Just watch out, now they can reach so much more. If you think he is out of control now, wait tell he is all mobile by himself! He is so cute, Gald to know you guys are still alive!!


Yes it has been a month, but I won't give up on you!! I love watching you guys in church... sometimes I swear it's not worth being there! Just from when they learn to walk till they hit nursery!! He is so cute and such a happy baby!


We can't wait for Jaxon's party. See ya then!!!

Candace i'm not sure i want to go to el pollo loco. Seeing their name on Jaxon's butt makes me a little queezy!! Just kidding! I'll still go! Happy Birthday to Jaxon!


that diaper bum cracks me UP!!! hey, i emailed Sheri with all the info you need for magic! hope to see ya there! good luck!