Friday, July 18, 2008

4th of July fun in Vegas!

Fireworks!!!! We had so many different fountains and I swear they were all the same!
Jamie's first go at wakesurfing! Rock on surfer girl!
Nothing beats a day at the lake.
Jaxon had so much fun with Grampy and Grammy all day that he couldn't stay awake for the fireworks.


Diana & Scott
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Diana and Scott

What happend to the first picture??? It was our favorite one :o)


So jealous that Jamie can wakesurf..of whatever it's called!! I think I would be too scared!! Way to go..looks like some amazing memories were made!!


You go girl!!! I agree on the fireworks... ALL of them are the SAME!! Exceptometimes you get lucky enough to lose your hearing to a random screamer!


Glad to see you posting again. Looks like fun, Jaxon is so big, I love it!


I need your email again... skialta39? I will try it! But if it doesn;t work send it to me again to!

The Christensen Family

J - Haven't peeked in on you in forever! Looks like you have been having fun! Hope we get Book Club back up and running before too long! Miss seeing you! Take care... Loves - Steph