Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy Toledo!

The last leg of our trip was in Madrid, Spain where we took a day trip to the ancient city of Toledo that used to be the capital of Spain. It was so interesting to be standing in buildings over a thousand years old! It's history is so crazy. There is a church there that was built by Muslims to be a Jewish mosque but is a christian church today. The cathedral there is absolutely stunning. It took them 300 years to build.

This picture is the old entrance into the city. It has a huge wall around the whole city.
The parks were beautful and relaxing.

The pastries were awesome and huge!!!

This was the best sandwitch I have ever had. Period. And that is my sister Christina with me.

This amazing building is oh just the POST OFFICE!
We qualified for the trip to Spain through my work and they treated us like Kings. They had Spanish musicians playing music for us in the lobby of our hotel. We had a private dinner at a palace that blew away anthing we saw in London or Paris. There were musicians and opera singers serenading us throughout the dinner. We even had a private after hours tour of the Prada Museum in Madrid. It was incredible to have the whole building to ourselves!

This was the fancy night when we went to the Prada Museum with my sister Christina and her husband Jordan.

This is us out in front of our Palace Hotel. It was so fun and the flight back home was super long!



Thank you for posting pictures from your trip, as you know, I'm super jelous you got to go to Europe! I still want to get together and see the whole slide show of pictures! When's a good day for you guys?
P.S. You look so classy and beautiful in all your photos, just so you know.


Hey Guys-
I echo Kelly! I want to see the whole slideshow!! It is hard to believe that your were actually there....seeing what most of us will only ever see in the movies! AMAZING!

Ana Lee

I love your "fancy night" pictures! You guys look great! I am glad you had so much fun!


Great pics. OLooks like sooo much fun