Sunday, November 9, 2008


Jaxon was a lion this year for Halloween! Jamie made his costume and everyone loved it.

We gave him a sucker and he wouldn't let go of it to save his life. He got slobber everywhere and enjoyed every second of it!

Don't worry we only let him eat about 2 pieces of candy. Dad of course ate all the leftovers.


The Greenwood's

WOW!!! that costume is amazing!!! GOOD JOB


I must say you have an amazing Talent! you are so gifted! that is so incredible. I would have guessed you bought it at Nordys!!! SUCH A GOOD JOB! and so cute! love ya!


I need you to teach me to sew! What a fun costume.

Jason and Melanie

So cute! Jamie you are so talented!


What a cute little guy..ur a lion! By the way..just saw that you guys went to Europe!! Wasn't that the most amazing trip ever?!

Auna Leigh

What a little stud! He is sooo cute! We need to get together soon! We miss you guys!


Oh to be talented! Jamie, you dance, you play tennis, you bake, you wake board, you start businesses and you SEW!!! Pretty Dang Amazin'. That really was one of the cutest costumes I have ever seen. It could have something to do with the cute little guy inside of it!
Talk to you later,


That is a great costume! We cant wait for you to come down!


Don't do it Matt! Alright, the books aren't that bad, but yeah, you might fall in love with Edward! He's every girls dream girl so he might as well be every guys dream guy, right!?!

Clint, Natalie, and Lucas

Jamie, you are so talented! And Jaxon is adorable! I'm glad you guys had a fun Halloween!

Ana Lee

Cuuuut! That degree of yours paid off, haha. That is so adorable!

Long Family

Jaxon was the most adorable little lion ever! Jamie, your skills are amazing.

Liz Laudie

Jaxon looks so happily adorable in his lion costume.
It would be so great to share your talent for sewing . . . but then I would probably need to share your like for sewing too. I actually have the patience for tedious, detailed jobs, but only if they don't involve a needle & thread. Weird!
Love the pictures of your Europe trip. We have some similar pictures and I would definitely love to go back and get some more.

Jason and Melanie

did you ask for my address? sorry I'm slow on the replies! I don't think I have your email address- mine is Melanie1585 at if you just want to let me know that way! Thanks!


Jam will you send me your email so I can send you an invite to our blog. We have to stay in touch when you leave k. My email is I am serious about the going away party...


That's the cutest Lion I have ever seen. Great job Jamie! Would love to get together with you guys before Christmas to hear more about your trip.