Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New found resolution

Well, last night I was talking to Matt and was saying that I wanted to delete this blog. Mainly because I don't EVER update it, but also because I don't think that there is much to blog about, BUT my sweet husband was my blogging cheerleader and now I have a new sense of blogging about whatever it is that comes to mind! Now let's just hope the umph stays put and I stick with it!
Well, April was a busy month! I finally had our sweet baby Olivia! She came on April 12 and weighed 8lb's 3 oz. and she is a cutie!
These were the clothes Jaxon chose to mow the lawn/dirt a couple days ago! Gotta love the Mickey Mouse undies!



Congratulations! Olivia is so adorable. I talked to your parents at Brandon's wedding reception and they told me the good news.


Congrats! I was just thinking that you must have had your baby and then I got on here and you had! She is beautiful!


I'm glad you're sticking with blogging -- it's nice to know what's going on in your life between Thanksgivings :) That video cracks me up!

Ben & Sheri

Yay! Blog for me! This made me so happy! Jaxon is the cutest big brother ever! I can't wait to show that video to Ben!

Miss you guys....lots!!



Andrea and Justin

You need to blog for me too! I loved seeing pictures of the kids and feeling apart of your life! Miss you guys.

Auna Leigh

congrats! she's beautiful!

Justin + kelly

Congrats ont the new baby girl. What a cutie!

You could fill this blog with just pictures of your munchkins and everyone would be happy!

Maren and Rikky

Congrats! I talked to your mom a few weeks ago and she said you just had your baby! I'm glad all went well. That video is so cute of Jaxon holding olivia and trying to make her stop crying! :)

Allison Tiek

Yes, please blog because I don't do facebook so how else can I stock you guys from afar??

Olivia is so sweet! I can't wait for Kennedy, Emmy and Olivia to meet!

The Hansens

Congratulations on the new baby! That's so exciting! I wish I could come visit you--Olivia is adorable! I'm glad you're sticking with blogging so I can stay updated on your life--even though we live about as far apart as you can get in the US! Congrats again--you're awesome Jamie!


Congrats girl! I'm glad you decided to blog.... I've been waiting for the baby update!


cute! yes keep blogging girl, just whenever! miss you.