Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lake Mead

I think I really forgot just HOW much I LOVE the lake, especially Lake Mead...and that just show's you how LONG it has been since I've actually been out on it! Awesome weather, warm water, great friends... is pretty much the perfect combination for....oh anything.

This past week we've been able to go out a couple of times, once with some good friends and the other with time with family. It has been so fun with Jaxon, mainly because he isn't scared of the water anymore...HOORAY! He even got out on the wakeboard with Matt and LOVED it...he's a natural. He just stood in the middle of the board with both his arms wrapped around Matt's legs laughing the whole time...I am pretty sure that his favorite part was when they went out of the wake...soo funny! I wish I had a picture but I forgot my camera..! So lame, I know! ...if only I could do this 4 times a week!



How great Jamie! I remember some of our Mead outings as my best Mead trips ever. I mean I learned to wakeboard with you! It's looking like it will be ingrained in the kiddos too, GOOD! :) I'm glad it was fun! :)

Ana Lee

How is life as a mom of two!? I hope you are loving it. You are still so beautiful, Matt is so lucky. :)


Oh I love lake Mead... especially with you and your fam! I miss that lake too! So perfect in the summer!
You boy is so cute, and looks just like mamma!

Maren and Rikky

That's crazy he went on the wakeboard! I'm glad your little girl is sleeping through the night!