Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Blessing

Over the 4th mine and Matt's family met up at Gunlock to bless our sweet little Olivia. It was such a beautiful day and experience. I love baby blessings! They are so precious and this is the one blessing where you child receives her (in this case) name. I am so grateful I have a wonderful husband who is able to do this for my children. I feel that there is so much that a mother does for her children every day, but it is only the father that is able to lay his hands upon your children s head and speak the words of God. Thank you babe for living your life in such a way to be able to give this gift to our sweet babies and thank you family for being there to support us and share this special day with us!


Ana Lee

I'm glad it was such a great day! I love blessings too. I can't wait until my husband is blessing our baby (in he far future that is, haha).

Maren and Rikky

Congrats! That's a very cute family picture of you four!