Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Time!

So we've been having a ton of fun this summer. Jaxon went wakeboarding and motorcycle riding for the first time, fun water slides, lots of time in Gunlock, which as you can see from the pics has a TON of amazing fruit.

Thanks Gracie for bringing the water slide!

He's a natural!

THE coolest cat!
He's getting so big!
Just like her daddy! Loves to watch movies!
Where it all began! Lake Mead.
Watching Little Einsteins..
This is the best time of year at Gunlock. About 120 tomato plants. Fresh salsa and everyone is invited.
Loving the HOT weather.
Thousands of black berries.....




And peaches, pears, figs, cherries, peppers, sunflowers, onions, strawberries, walnuts, a green house, a chicken coup (with chickens that lay eggs), and..........if anyone wants to meet us there for some good food just let us know. We've been making tons of fruit leather that is so good!



Yay!!! An update from the Pendleton's. Looks like you've been having a wonderful summer so far - I wish Gunlock was closer... I'd be there in a second for some salsa... and I'm amazed by all the fruit. Payoff for all your hard work :)

Andrea and Justin

I can't believe Jaxon is wakeboarding that is awesome. Wish we could have been there it looks like you guys had so much fun. I am so glad we get to see you so soon!


Umm yes!! Invite accepted. Name the date and we'll be there! Miss you guys!

Anonymous Soul

"You are invited to Anonymous Soul to answer this question
{What's worse, being forgotten or replaced?}"


Jam Hi. Haven't talked to you in forever! How are you? Miss seeing you and Matt. We sold our home in Traverse about a year ago and moved to Orem. Now were living in Dallas, Texas! So sweet you darling family. Two cute boys. Congrats on your new one! Hope things are well Jam. Just wanted to say hi!


Jam I am so embarrassed. I new your second was a girl. I was just re reading my comment and notice it said two cute boys. I meant to say two cute kids. Please forgive me. Olivia is beautiful. Love ya!!