Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blessing Day

Today was awesome and so special! We blessed Jaxon today in church and the day has been filled with the spirit. I feel so blessed to be a part of the LDS church where I am able to be with my family forever and with a wonderful man who holds the priesthood. It is amazing the joy and happiness that you recieve from such a tiny little body. Every time I look at Jaxon, I can't help but smile, and whenever I think about how fast he will grow up I get all emotional. I wonder if I just hold him tight enough and long enough..he wont grow up as fast. I am just so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mother in this day and age to raise my sweet baby boy.



Wish we were there

Jason and Melanie

Hi Jamie! (This is Melanie, your old roomate from freshman year at David John with Vibeke and Ashley...remember me? It has been forever!) You look so beautiful and happy! Congrats on your adorable baby boy, I'm sure you are a fantastic mom :) Ashley was just telling me she got to visit you. It would be fun to live in Utah and keep in better touch with everyone! It sounds like everything is so good for you- congrats and we'll have to keep each other updated more often!


Oh man you guys are the radest little family ever. Sorry we didn't make to the blessing. We came with Sami and Tyson and went to almost every church at Traverse Mtn, but couldn't find it. Sorry, I'm sure you missed us. He He. We had so much fun playing volleyball the other night. Your fake bumps were amazing!

Rick and Janae

That is an emotional day! You have a beautiful family. I still need to see the little guy, we will be in Utah over Thanksgiving.


How neat, I loved the blessing day. You are so right we are so blessed to raise children today! And we are so blessed to have the Gospel to guild our lives. I know that all those loves and hugs do help, so keep loving your little guy, and he will know for sure that his mama loves him with all her heart, and he will stay close to you!! But yes time does go by fast, I can't believe ty will be 2 in Feb. Just to fast for me!
Congrats and we wish we could have been there on such a special day!


Congratulations! I'm sure the blessing went well and that is such a great day. Hope all is well with you guys...wish we could have been there, long story, but Chanel was sick and we didn't want to expose Jaxon to anything. Keep the pics coming!


Hey Jamie,
I have a wuestion and it's too late to call!! I need you to tell me how to put music on my blog... I am an idiot!!! Thanks!Sara Andersen