Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in St.George & Gunlock

We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent the whole week down in St. George and Gunlock. It's nice because my family stays in St. George and Jamie's stays in their cabin in Gunlock 20 minutes outside of St George so we get to see everyone. As you can see from the pictures Jaxon is huge! He's weighing in at the heavy weight fighting championship weight of 17 pounds at 3 months old! The weeks activities ranged from golfing twice + one bucket of balls, helping to build a goat pen in Gunlock, eating enough turkey for 3 years, and driving home on Saturday morning and arriving at the BYU game just after kickoff and watching a bunch of people in red enjoy less than one minute of glory :) 4th & 18.......no problem!


The Greenwood's

He is getting so big!!! My lil
Dev is chunkie too but they always make for the cutest babies!!!


I am giggling...I LOVE those cheeks! Next time I see him, I just have to have a nibble. I don't think Miss Emma was too far behind at that age. Gotta love chubby babies. Miss you guys...


That looks like so much fun!! Hope you guys had a wonderful time! We miss gunlock. And holy crap what are you feeding that kid, he is so dang cute, I love cubby babies, that is the best way they come! Cubby and cuddly what else could you ask for. Jamie he has your pretty blue eyes! hey and email me your address so we can send you our christmas card!

The Gardner Family

Love that Jaxs still made the picture. So cute. Lovin the cheeks.