Monday, February 25, 2008

Called to Serve

So, it seems like every member of Matt's family is leaving us this summer! A family of 11 is going to a family of 6, all in 2 months time! I know 6 is a lot, but when you are always with 12 or more, 6 doesn't seem like much!! Anyway, more importantly Matt's parents were called to be mission presidents a few months ago and we have all been anxiously waiting for their call. They could have been called anywhere from New Zealand, to Africa, to the cold winters of Canada! and on Saturday the FedEx package came! They have been called to serve in the Roseville, California mission and they leave for the MTC on June 21!! They are super excited, and couldn't be happier!! JoAnn will have her Costco and Wild Oats and they will both get to enjoy the fabulous weather that I will thouroughly be jealous of! Matt and I are so happy and excited for you on this new adventure and chapter in your life! You guys will be amazing and so many young men and women will look up to you because of your love, strength in the gospel, and welcoming arms. Congratulations! We love you!!



that is exciting! nic's sister lives right next to roseville, she lives in rocklyn. cool. oh and yes analee is such a cute girl, we loved having her right next door. i kept forgetting to add her to our blog, but she is there now! sorry i am typing with one hand! baby in the other!

The Gardner Family

Jami that is so neat. Matt's parents are so cute. What amazing people they are. You guys will have to go visit. They will touch many lives with there great example to the gospel. Cool Jam.


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