Monday, February 18, 2008


This weekend Matt and I, and a bunch of buddies headed down to Gunlock, UT (right outside of st. george) to go to the parade of homes, but actually that was an excuse to escape the cold for some warmer weather! It was nice to get outside of the snow and into the 60's. There were about 10 of us with 2 babies and a whole lot of family and some other college kids there all squished in the house, but we had fun playing games, hanging out, and eating too much! It was really nice to see my family- last time was 2 months ago and Jaxon was missing his grandparents and aunt and uncle! We don't get to see them nearly enough!

The parade of homes was amazing as usual! and I actually liked the homes this year better than last! And matt and I have discovered that we want a home in the Ledges, which is....oh you know, a mere 4-6 million dollars easy (I can dream!!)
This was a beautiful home. It was located over by Washington and I wish we had taken more pictures of it. It was very french cottage with bright colors and a sweet back yard!
This is the gang in one of the backyards at the Ledges..AMAZING view!!
Tyson, Sami, (& baby Cameron), Allison, Steve, Me, Matt, Sheri, Ben, Dan, and Candace...We love you guys!!



How fun! I love the Parade of homes down there... they are amazing! I am jealous you got some sunshine!!! I am so sick of this weather!! I also hope to see you soon... hopefully more than just passing in the hall!


That looks like a cool house. Some day i will have a house that I can build to look cool. Someday!!

Jason and Melanie

Melissa (my sister in law that you know- what a small world!) was just telling me about those houses- they sound amazing! What a fun weekend!

Allison Tiek

Wow, Jamie, you are SO fast! Steve and I pretty much just crashed when we got home. And what's also funny is that Melissa (Melanie's sister-in-law), Jason and Josh actually went through that exact house with us. Very small world.
Anyway, thanks again for letting us hang out in Gunlock! It was so much fun!

The Gardner Family

Jam we went too. I know exactly what house you were at. Amazing huh. I found out that Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, Celine Dion and Robin Williams all have homes in the Ledges. Wasn't it just so beautiful back up against those rocks.

Clint, Natalie, and Lucas

Looking at homes is soooo fun! I went to the Parade of Homes last year. I'm glad you had a fun time!!